Omaha Honda Repair At Prices Below The Dealership

Omaha Honda repair, by Omaha Japanese Auto Repair. Also serving Millard, Chalco and Elkhorn NE.

Omaha Honda Repair For 21 Years.

Omaha Honda repair. With all the benefits and quality you seek. At prices that make sense.

For Honda owners only. Omaha Honda repair just for you. You made the right choice. You own one of the world’s most reliable, stylish automobiles. One of the most finely engineered and respected automobiles in the world. Very few cars have earned the esteem that your fine vehicle has.

Aren’t you looking to get the most miles, economy, power, reliability, and safety from your fine automobile? And there are many choices for Omaha Honda repair.

But it is so very important to take your car to tested and proven mechanics and technicians that know your car perfectly.

So, it is very important to you – who you select to perform your Honda repair?

You always have the dealership. But – as you know – they are the most expensive option available. But, they have all the factory diagnostic equipment that can tell them exactly what is wrong with your Honda. That way there is no mistake in what repair they perform.

  2. Omaha Japanese Auto Repair HAS EXACTLY THE SAME FACTORY DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT that the dealership has.
  3. But – Omaha Japanese Auto Repair Also Has 3 Other Things The Dealership Doesn’t Have:
  4. ALL ASE CERTIFIED MASTER TECHNICIANS – The top 7% of the industry.
  6. A FULL 24 MONTHS OR 24,000 MILES ON PARTS AND LABOR. Most dealerships offer only 12 months or 12,000 miles. 

DOESN’T THIS SOUND BETTER? Omaha Honda repair with more personal attention. No long waits. Lower prices. All repair service covered with double the warranty of most dealerships and other independent auto repair shops.

Omaha Honda Repair At Its Very Best!

And think about this for a couple minutes! Most independent auto repair shops in Omaha do not specialize in Honda Repair Service. They are all makes and models shops. Most likely, they do not have the Honda Factory Diagnostic Equipment and tools to do the job right.

It is always worth asking. “Do you have the Honda repair FACTORY DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT?” Not the cheaper generic diagnostic stuff that cannot even be compared with the factory equipment. If they don’t have factory diagnostics, you might want to think twice about using them. Or – simply let them do your oil change and other simple work.

One thing you can be sure of at Omaha Japanese Auto Repair. You can be sure that we share that same love and sentiment for your Honda. That is why we have chosen to service and repair Honda and Acura automobiles only. Honda is what we know. What we are Master craftsmen at. It is our career of choice. It is all we do. And we do it very well.

If you love your Honda car – as most people who own them do – your first question will probably be something like this.

  • Is Omaha Japanese Auto Repair qualified to service my fine car?
  • Are they qualified to perform top quality automotive service and maintenance on my car?
  • Will they treat me with respect?
  • Do they have a great warranty?
  • Just take a look for yourself.
  • This is Omaha Honda repair you could fall in love with.
  • That is why, so many of our customers, have stayed with us, for so long.
Omaha Honda Repair also serving Millard, Chalco and Elkhorn NE.

You’ll love it here! You will find a friendly, respectful, warm atmosphere that only an independent auto service shop can provide. Complete with a staff of all ASE Certified Master Technicians. Right along with full Factory Diagnostic equipment and tools – for perfect repairs the first time, every time. 


  1. Local Omaha Honda Repair also serving Millard, Elkhorn, Ralston La Vista, Papillion and Chalco NE. At prices below the dealership.
  2. Fast - same day service is always our target.
  3. 100% customer satisfaction - our most important goal.
  4. BBB Accredited Business – A+ Rated
  5. Quality – All ASE Certified MASTER Technicians. The top 7% of the industry.
  6. No Surprises - on your bill. All prices must be approved by you before any work is done.
  7. Honest - do only the work necessary.
  8. Work done right - the first time, on time.
  9. Extended warranty work - accepted and encouraged.
  10. We never cut corners - only the best parts and procedures applied to your car.

Have you ever thought about finding a new Honda auto repair shop?

The next time you need an oil change, why not give us a try. You will find our staff refreshingly friendly and helpful. Plus, the work on your car done to perfection. With same day service being the normal routine.

And Just Where Can You Find All This Wonderful Automotive Service?

  • Only minutes away from you. (See address below – click for map and phone).
  • With 21 years of Honda service in our history.
  • You will never be disappointed, with our automotive, knowledge, technical abilities and professionalism.
  • But above all, the friendly, respectful customer service.

What kind of warranty do you get? You get a full 24 months or 24,000 mile warranty. That will give you some idea of just how confident we are about our service.

And don’t forget. We can perform repair and maintenance for every system on your car. About now, you might be thinking about Honda air conditioning (AC) service. Just to make sure your car is ready for the summer heat just around the corner.

Summer heat can also be very rough on your tires. If your tires are not inflated properly, balanced or aligned to factory specifications, your tires could wear out very quickly. This could cost you money you had not planned on spending. In addition, low pressure in your tires will create additional drag. This can decrease your gas mileage, causing you to fill up more often. Another unexpected cost that no-one needs.

So, come on in and let us do a complete summer checkup on your Honda. This service alone can help eliminate unwanted expensive repairs, making your summer much more pleasurable.

Omaha Honda Repair Service Great Warranty.

Take a look at this warranty. We are so confident in our Honda repair service that we give you double the normal warranty.

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Next time your car needs service or maintenance, why not give us a call. This just might be the automotive service shop you have always been looking for. 

 Omaha Japanese Auto Repair
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