Honda Repair Service At Prices Below The Dealership

Honda Repair Service At Prices Below The Dealership. With Master Mechanic Service. Here are some tips that can save you thousands of dollars on repairs. And keep your car safer at the same time.

That’s right. Dad taught me early about the extreme importance of Honda repair service and especially maintenance. So why is this important?

Dad taught me, keep up with your Honda repair service and maintenance and that car will treat you well for many, many years.

Maintenance is cheap. Car repair is expensive. Click photo to see why.


  1. It can keep your car safe. When I am out driving with my young family, the worst thing that could happen would be a breakdown out in the middle of nowhere. I’ve got a wife and two young kids in the car. I don’t want my family’s safety to be dependent on someone who we don’t know, pulling over toHELP us.
  2. I don’t want to have to pay $150 for a tow because I skipped a few oil changes and my engine seized up. New engine cost – $5,000.
  3. I don’t want to pay $1,200 for a A/C condenser because I had a bad belt, that John (at Omaha Japanese Auto Repair) would have discovered during a standard vehicle checkup. BEFORE IT BROKE.
  4. My wife often drives alone or with the kids. There is nothing more important than to make sure her Honda repair service is completely up to date.
  5. Can you think of any other reasons that your car needs to be kept in like new condition?
  6. Heck! I even want to know that the seat belts and windshield wipers are working properly!!

Regular Honda repair service and maintenance is the very best thing you can do to keep your car running cheap and reliable.

Honda repair service Omaha

Regular Honda oil change every 3,000 miles when using regular oil. Every 5,000 miles for synthetic oil. CLICK PHOTO TO SEE DETAILS OF WHY THIS IS THE BEST METHOD FOR YOUR CAR!

Maintenance is cheap. Repair is expensive. In fact, here’s what studies have shown. For every $1 you spend on maintenance, you are saving about $8 on repairs. Now that is the smart way to deal with your car!

How Does That Work?

Every time you take your car in to Omaha Japanese Auto Repair for an oil change, they give you a FREE CAR CONDITION INSPECTION!

Is this important?

Because during your oil change, they inspect all the major systems on your car. If they find a minor problem, like a belt or hose going bad, they can fix it for an extremely low price. But that is not the best part.

It can also save you from having that part break while you are out on the road. This can save you from an expensive tow and expensive major repair. Not to mention the safety factor of being stuck in a strange place. Or having a broken brake pad cause an accident.

Regular Honda repair service and maintenance is the most important thing you can do to keep you and your family safe, secure and to keep your Honda car reliable. Not to mention the wonderful cost savings.

The next time your Honda needs an oil change, repair service or maintenance, why not give us a call. 

Find out what it’s like to be one of our satisfied customers. You’ll notice the difference with your very first visit.

Maintenance, service and repair for Honda automobiles in Omaha, Millard, Chalco, Elkhorn and surrounding area.

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